The Hellfire Club (or “A Bunch of Writers Trying to be Writers”)

Posted: June 5, 2011 by hellfirewriters in Uncategorized

Okay, woah, hey, is this thing on? It is? Really? Can everybody hear me?


Let’s get this ball rolling then.

Welcome to the inaugural post for our little cabal of twentysomething’s new WordPress group. Wait, wait, hold on. I can already hear the moaning and groaning, so hear me out on this one.

Thing is, we’re all writers. All four of us. Joe, Pierce, Dan, and Chris are writers. We tell stories, and each of us are, to varying degrees, trying to get out there in the writing world. After thinking it over with some careful consideration (liquor may have been involved) we decided a blog was the best way to go about it. We’ve got this big ol’ clunky thing called the internet, connecting us to all sorts of crazy folks out there, may as well put it to good use, right? Better than filling it with bad animal porn.

We plan on using this to illustrate our own thoughts on being writers, the industry, books, that sort of good nonsense, and maybe even putting up some of our own fiction. May as well. That’s kind of become our mantra here. Best case scenario, we get recognized, get agents, get our short stories or novels or screenplays or comic books published and die fat and happy or, worst case scenario, we have another crappy blog that no one reads. It’s a win-win, really.

So why the Hellfire Club? It ain’t just because of that new X-Men movie (no matter how cool it is). You wanna do the historical legwork, be our guest, but the long and short of it is, they were a bunch of rakes (read: young hooligans) pretty much doing what they wanted to do, despite what society thought of it. Thing is, tell someone you’re a writer, and chances are they’re going to look at you like, “Wait, what? But you’re wearing clothes! And not starving! Are you Stephen King or something? We’re not Stephen King. (As far as we know, but Pierce is looking mighty shifty.) But we are guys who are passionate about what we do, and dammit we’re going to do it.

Reason #2: Our chosen genres. Me (Joe), I write hardboiled pulp stuff. Urban fantasy. I cut my teeth on reading black coffee crime novels with language in them that would make your mom faint. Chris writes apocalyptic fiction. Dan writes dark fantasy. Seeing a pattern here? I figure I’ll let our work speak for itself once it’s out there.

Get it? Got it? Good. We’ll get the introductions out of the way soon, and then we can get in on the good stuff. If you have advice, or hard-earned lessons about writer blogs that you feel like passing along to us, shoot us a comment and we’ll take a gander at it.


The Hellfire Club


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