Who the #$*! is Joe Myers, Anyway?

Posted: June 5, 2011 by joemu362 in Joe

Hey folks. What’s cookin’?

My name’s Joe, and I guess you could say I’m the guy responsible for making this crazy thing happen. I’m currently finishing up my last year over at the grand old University of Missouri and squeezing out the rest of a novel that I hope to have at least finished enough to try and sell by the end of the year. So far so good, which is an exciting (if also terrifying) idea.

As far as I know, I’m the only novelist of the group, having written my first one in April when I was seventeen, and have tried to at least write one every year since. The first couple weren’t that great, but I chalk them up to experience. Hell, I may even try and revise some of those later on down the road. My current and major project is a hardboiled urban fantasy book that I plan to be the first in a series, a storyline that I’ve been kicking around for several years now, which is also pretty exciting to think about.

As you could probably guess, I read a lot of hardboiled stuff, more than my share of horror books, and crime fiction, which will probably what I end up reviewing or commenting on when that day inevitably arrives. Growing up, that’s the sort of story that I watched on the tube with Mom, the milder versions being the kind of crap I read as a kid, and now here I am making my own.

I started the Hellfire Club because I noticed that:

#1) I have a lot of friends who are writers.

#2) None of them knew each other.

#3) Everybody needs a posse.

It’s good to have a support crew, a bunch of folks who not only understand what you’re doing, but want to see you and the others in the crew succeed at what they’re doing, and that’s what I hope to accomplish with the Hellfire Club.

And, you know, get my stuff out there. That’d be nice too.

So. That’s my two cents. See you all soon.



  1. Adam Boyer says:

    Joe Myers is a pretty awesome guy, if you ask me.

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