Bout time I joined the Show.

Posted: June 18, 2011 by Edmo in Dan

The name is Dan.  No, I don’t go by the full name Daniel anymore.  Well, not to any of my friends at any rate.

Where to begin?  Well, I guess I got into writing some 15 years ago.  I’m most likely wrong, but that isn’t important.  It started with a story.  A play on the 3 Little Pigs that every kid has read (or, every kid bloody well should read).  It was called the 3 Little Cats.  Stow it!  I was less than 10 years old at the time.  I guess that was the first thing I wrote.  Then my writing kind of simmered for years.

I thought about it, somewhere in the back of my head.  At some point I thought of being a screenwriter.  This was 2nd grade.  It would be a joint veture with a few of my friends: I’d write, one would produce, and another would direct.  That ideas, needless to say, dropped in favor of a professional soccer player.  Needless to say, that dream died some years later with a injury.

Fast-forward and here I am.  You could say I got back into writing because of a particular teacher in high school, or a particular graduate student my sophomore year of college.  Or you could say it was because of a girl.  It’s all 3, I think.  The first two for inspiration (mingled with meeting Joe and complaining about the shitty writing we had to deal with in the Intro to Fiction class we both took).  The last, well.  I won’t go into it to much, but let’s just say she was someone I met in an AP fiction class.  I owe her a story.  In fact, I probably owe her more than one considering how long I’ve slacked in getting the original story done.  Call her a muse, I guess.  For right now, I just plan on completing a story to impress her.  I’ll leave it at that.


What do I write?  Hard to explain.  My particular reading medium is most certainly fantasy of all kinds.  Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, etc.  Then I read Patrick Rothfuss and was blown away.  Then I got into Neil Gaiman.

I have no genre now.  At some point, I’d like to write epic fantasy.  Until then, I’ve been addicted to supernatural elements and darker, more fringe fantasy.  Not quite ghost, but a kind of compilation of many different things.  Most will be more “present day” settings.  I’m talking since I was born.  So, te 90s up until now.

I have about 5 stories I’m working on right now and shift between them depending on what inspiration hits me and which story it will fit in.

So, welcome to the show.  Let’s see how this fucking ride turns out.


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