Greetings from Holland, folks

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Edmo in Dan


I guess the title explains it all.  I’m chilling right now in Holland.  That’s me in my 12th century chair.  No, I didn’t get any sudden inspiration from it unfortunately, thought it would have been cool.  But, this is my reason for being inactive lately.


Anyway, I’m having a blast.  I haven’t gotten into the writing spirit yet, but I plan to this weekend if all goes well.  I’ve found that this small European city I’m currently in, Leiden, will end up being a great place for a different feel on settings and the like.  The atmosphere is just totally different.  And also, as a result of talking to a Greek woman while bar hopping last Saturday, I really have settled on the correct path for the female character I’m constructed for the short story I’ll probably end up working on first.  I already have the perfect things set aside for her.  Should be fun writing if I can tear myself away from all the fun shit going on here.


Will be in touch.  Don’t be too jealous.


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