How to Deal With an Alien Invasion: An Introduction to The Underground

Posted: July 18, 2011 by Chris Camey in Chris
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So, I guess this is the first one of these kinda status update posts I’ve ever put on here. This recent project I’m working on I have dubbed simply “The Underground.”
It’s a simple enough concept, “What would I do if aliens invaded?”
In this case, the planet has fallen to an advanced race of Cyclopean aliens known as the Mynocs (or Cyclopses as the resistance calls them). In a matter of days, all of Earth’s cities have fallen, their governments and armies crushed and scattered to the four winds, and the intentions of the martians are revealed. They have come not to stomp out humanity, but rather to take what’s left of our resources and use the surviving people of Earth as the labor force. In the story, a ragtag group of survivors (all modeled off of people I know in real life) are eight months into the occupation and have spent the better part of their days scavenging and scrounging together supplies and stores of weapons. Their cause for this pack rat behavior is a voice that calls itself “The Voice of Freedom” and it has hinted that there is something big on the horizon, a second storm is coming. The broadcast tells anyone receiving it that they should be ready. The revolution is coming.


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