Europe: What a place for story ideas

Posted: July 25, 2011 by Edmo in Dan

Wow!  What a long ass weekend in Paris.  I stomped the hell all over the place and guess who I find with my fellow polisci bros?  The Brussels Journalism group screaming out “Yea! We’re from Missouri and we’re studying in Brussels!”  They were quite drunk and quite obnoxious.  It was hilarious.  Then we met them again the the Louve.  Small world apparently.


At any rate.  I love the Parisian women.  Real beauties.  Got some character designs from them as I was struggling for the longest time trying to capture a French woman as a character.


But the real idea came on the long, miserable bus ride back.  No AC and a limited amount of water.  Then bam!  Half way through I get another story idea.  Great stuff.  So, when I get back from my long trip next week, I have about 5-7 story ideas to work on.  Two of which are finishing ones I’ve already started.  Can’t wait to write it.  Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels.  Hell, just my experiences in Amsterdam alone will give me a butt load of stories for a lifetime.


Till next time, gents.


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