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Stateside, at last!  Well, been here for a week, but that’s beside the point.  We have an article to churn out.  So here goes.


Yes, folks, inspiration can be a curse.  And it can be a gift, which is the case most of the time.

To begin with, let’s start with an inspiration primer.  Primer, you say?  What for?  Well, to recognize the multitude of places you can, should, and not feel bad about, pulling inspiration from.

I’ll start with a list.  There is no particular order of importance:

  1. Songs (lyrics, titles, atmosphere)
  2. Your daily life (the people around you, strangers, that pretty little girl in the white skirt with a tank top.  [You know what I’m talking about perverts! Those funny neon shoes she’s wearing of course.]  Routines, jobs, classes, creepy people on the metro, the bus, eating next to you in line, and that person in line at Walmart who won’t shut up about all the girls he’s slain with his mighty sword.  Yea, you can use these people and circumstances in a story.)
  3. Your love life, though I’d advise against that.  That’s just depressing.
  4. Your pets
  5. Nature (will come back to this one)
  6. A picture
  7. A memory
  8. A girl
  9. You.  In the shower.  Blaring Peter Cetera. No, really.
  10. Books, short stories, poems…The things your favorite writers write about.  If you have a particular genre you’re writing, eat up everything in that genre.  It’ll help, trust me.
  11. This place.
  12. General observation
  13. Stupid shit you and your friends do.  You know that stuff can be entertaining as hell if twisted into a story.
  14. Sex.  Ok.  This one is up to you.  But never underestimate the power of hot monkey sex leading to inspiration.  Just don’t be stupid and leave right in the middle of it to write said idea down.  That’s just dumb.
  15. Back to nature.  If you’re really lucky, places you’ve been.  Especially places in a different country.  This for example


  1. Any other place you can think of.  Inspiration is limitless.
Alright.  So there’s the gift.  Inspiration comes from anywhere.  Capture it and form it into a story idea.  Or take multiple inspirations and make those into a story.
Now, the curse, at least for me.  Inspiration after inspiration for story ideas I want to do.  The problem comes when I’m already currently writing a story (or trying….frustratingly trying) and get a completely new idea for a new story.  Then I focus on that one.
That’s awesome right?  Maybe.  But then you get 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new ideas.  What happens to 1&2 then?  They get relegated.  And they’re awesome story ideas.  It’s annoying.  I have about 5 legitimate story ideas I’m trying to work on.  Haven’t gotten very far in either except the planning phases of all and maybe a page or two or three of each. It’s difficult to flip a switch and focus on one while blotting on the others. You can’t do that, however.  You might be trucking along and have a particular idea fail for one story.  But lo and behold.  You have a couple others it might work in and to great depth.
I guess the thing is.  You’re a writer.  Unless you’re under a publishing deadline, you can take as long as you desire.  But, you have to cut off new story ideas at some point or you’ll never get finished.  I say the magic # is somewhere around 10.  Maybe 8.  Try not to go past it.  But, we’re all different.  My advise could mean shit to you as you might be a crazy good writer who can balance your writing.  If that’s the case…….I hate you.

Europe: What a place for story ideas

Posted: July 25, 2011 by Edmo in Dan

Wow!  What a long ass weekend in Paris.  I stomped the hell all over the place and guess who I find with my fellow polisci bros?  The Brussels Journalism group screaming out “Yea! We’re from Missouri and we’re studying in Brussels!”  They were quite drunk and quite obnoxious.  It was hilarious.  Then we met them again the the Louve.  Small world apparently.


At any rate.  I love the Parisian women.  Real beauties.  Got some character designs from them as I was struggling for the longest time trying to capture a French woman as a character.


But the real idea came on the long, miserable bus ride back.  No AC and a limited amount of water.  Then bam!  Half way through I get another story idea.  Great stuff.  So, when I get back from my long trip next week, I have about 5-7 story ideas to work on.  Two of which are finishing ones I’ve already started.  Can’t wait to write it.  Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels.  Hell, just my experiences in Amsterdam alone will give me a butt load of stories for a lifetime.


Till next time, gents.

Greetings from Holland, folks

Posted: July 7, 2011 by Edmo in Dan


I guess the title explains it all.  I’m chilling right now in Holland.  That’s me in my 12th century chair.  No, I didn’t get any sudden inspiration from it unfortunately, thought it would have been cool.  But, this is my reason for being inactive lately.


Anyway, I’m having a blast.  I haven’t gotten into the writing spirit yet, but I plan to this weekend if all goes well.  I’ve found that this small European city I’m currently in, Leiden, will end up being a great place for a different feel on settings and the like.  The atmosphere is just totally different.  And also, as a result of talking to a Greek woman while bar hopping last Saturday, I really have settled on the correct path for the female character I’m constructed for the short story I’ll probably end up working on first.  I already have the perfect things set aside for her.  Should be fun writing if I can tear myself away from all the fun shit going on here.


Will be in touch.  Don’t be too jealous.

Bout time I joined the Show.

Posted: June 18, 2011 by Edmo in Dan

The name is Dan.  No, I don’t go by the full name Daniel anymore.  Well, not to any of my friends at any rate.

Where to begin?  Well, I guess I got into writing some 15 years ago.  I’m most likely wrong, but that isn’t important.  It started with a story.  A play on the 3 Little Pigs that every kid has read (or, every kid bloody well should read).  It was called the 3 Little Cats.  Stow it!  I was less than 10 years old at the time.  I guess that was the first thing I wrote.  Then my writing kind of simmered for years.

I thought about it, somewhere in the back of my head.  At some point I thought of being a screenwriter.  This was 2nd grade.  It would be a joint veture with a few of my friends: I’d write, one would produce, and another would direct.  That ideas, needless to say, dropped in favor of a professional soccer player.  Needless to say, that dream died some years later with a injury.

Fast-forward and here I am.  You could say I got back into writing because of a particular teacher in high school, or a particular graduate student my sophomore year of college.  Or you could say it was because of a girl.  It’s all 3, I think.  The first two for inspiration (mingled with meeting Joe and complaining about the shitty writing we had to deal with in the Intro to Fiction class we both took).  The last, well.  I won’t go into it to much, but let’s just say she was someone I met in an AP fiction class.  I owe her a story.  In fact, I probably owe her more than one considering how long I’ve slacked in getting the original story done.  Call her a muse, I guess.  For right now, I just plan on completing a story to impress her.  I’ll leave it at that.


What do I write?  Hard to explain.  My particular reading medium is most certainly fantasy of all kinds.  Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, etc.  Then I read Patrick Rothfuss and was blown away.  Then I got into Neil Gaiman.

I have no genre now.  At some point, I’d like to write epic fantasy.  Until then, I’ve been addicted to supernatural elements and darker, more fringe fantasy.  Not quite ghost, but a kind of compilation of many different things.  Most will be more “present day” settings.  I’m talking since I was born.  So, te 90s up until now.

I have about 5 stories I’m working on right now and shift between them depending on what inspiration hits me and which story it will fit in.

So, welcome to the show.  Let’s see how this fucking ride turns out.